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up to 5

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Discover the features of Fast Review

Fast Review cards

Sophisticated contactless cards employing NFC technology for seamless communication with both Android and Apple mobile devices.

With a simple tap of the phone on the Fast Review card, your customers are prompted to leave reviews on various platforms, follow you on social media, or explore your latest offers – the opportunities are boundless.


Fast Review software

An intuitive web application that enables you to seamlessly handle all your customer reviews with ease.

Additionally, Fast Review’s user-friendly software and analytics dashboard allow you to effortlessly track your team’s performance and monitor daily progress with ease.


Smiley Review feature

Before guiding customers to external review platforms, utilize our Smiley Review feature to evaluate their overall satisfaction level with your service.

This enables satisfied customers to smoothly proceed to designated review platforms. In contrast, dissatisfied users are redirected internally, streamlining the handling of their feedback, suggestions, or complaints.


Competition Comparison feature

Explore the innovative Competition Comparison feature within Fast Review, allowing you to monitor your competitors’ performance in real-time across various online review platforms. Our comprehensive solution serves diverse industries, providing a unified platform to systematically track and analyze your competitors’ progress effortlessly.


Tripadvisor functionality

Our unique integration with Tripadvisor ensures that every review processed through the Fast Review platform is prominently labeled as “Review collected in partnership with Fast Review.”

This capability enables you to reply to reviews directly from your Fast Review dashboard, simplifying the process and speeding up review publication on your Tripadvisor page. This functionality not only improves your capacity to handle customer relationships more efficiently but also leads to an immediate enhancement of your online reputation.


Witness Fast Review in action

Transforming customer satisfaction into shining online reviews has never been simpler!

Fast Review allows you to acquire customer reviews instantly, capturing their impressions about your product or service while they are still fresh!

Over 5000 customers have embraced the Fast Review solution, enjoying the numerous benefits it brings to their operations.

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