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We’re reshaping the way businesses, regardless of size, engage with their customers, prioritizing the impact of positive customer experiences.

"Reviews hold greater significance than your own advertising or PR efforts."

Zoran Pejovic, CFO at Losing Hotels & Villas

"Fast Review plays a crucial role in enhancing the trust of our customers."

Ana Skrinjar, owner of house of Nature

“Fast Review has emerged at the opportune moment, transcending financial costs with its invaluable business impact. It uniquely shortens the distance between service providers (such as hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) and customers by capturing feedback in real-time, directly at the point of experience. This ensures that customers provide honest and immediate responses, allowing service providers to address any issues promptly. As a result, the market and potential clients gain a more comprehensive and authentic understanding of the service provider, making the entire social media review process more transparent and trustworthy. In essence, Fast Review is a groundbreaking product that not only revolutionizes the social media landscape but also transforms the entire review process for the better.”



Cluster Commercial Director


“After a year of using Fast Review, it has become an invaluable feedback tool for gauging our clients’ satisfaction with our service. Our Google rating has notably improved, as it’s now easier for clients to rate our service. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their business.”


Director at Opereta Real Estate Agency

Gathering positive online reviews has never been simpler.

“I decided to integrate the Fast Review solution into the Carwiz International network to enhance our customer service and reputation management efforts by collecting real-time feedback from our customers. With Fast Review, businesses can swiftly pinpoint areas for enhancement and implement necessary adjustments to meet customer needs and expectations. Moreover, Fast Review enables any business to monitor and address online reviews and social media comments promptly, facilitating the resolution of concerns or complaints and enhancing their overall brand image.”


Founder & CEO at CARWIZ International

“In the initial months, we witnessed a surge in reviews on Google. What’s more, the majority of these reviews were positive, showcasing how Fast Review has streamlined the review process, particularly for those inclined to give us a high rating. Even beyond this initial surge, thanks to the Fast Review tool, we consistently receive a substantial volume of reviews daily.”


Technical director at RED TAXI

“The FastReview application, along with the NFC cards, has greatly assisted us in managing our online reputation. The application itself is user-friendly, with instant updates for any changes made. The NFC cards have a sleek appearance and were customized according to our preferences. Within a short period of implementing this solution, we observed significant positive changes. With FastReview, we have the ability to garner many more positive reviews from our users, both at hotels and in our F&B outlets. It simplifies the process of collecting reviews in a non-intrusive manner, allowing us to capture positive feedback on the spot. Indeed, satisfied guests often overlook sharing their positive experiences after their stay or service usage. Additionally, we’ve devised engaging initiatives for our employees who utilize this technology, occasionally organizing activities that serve as extra motivation for them. We wholeheartedly recommend the FastReview application and eagerly anticipate updates from the dedicated team of experts behind this solution, who are always available to assist us.”



Corporate Quality Control Manager


Fast Review transforms skeptics into customers.

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